Day 29 Love is a Slowing and Quietening of Your Soul

This is my 29th blog post for the Write 31 Days challenge, which I signed up to four days late. It is also a link-up to Jennifer Dukes Lee’s #TellHisStory. Would you like to win a $500 DaySpring shopping spree? See below for how you can go into the draw to win this wonderful prize.

I wrote the piece below several months ago, a few days before Mother’s Day, as my heart was aching even more at the loss of my Mum. I pray that it encourages us all to slow into God’s Loving Presence, as we struggle in our lives with the brokenness of being human: grief, being hurt or seeing the hurt we have caused others, mental or physical affliction, homesickness, sleep deprivation, our struggles to parent our children in patience and kindness…

The more I’ve journeyed into faith, the more I’ve felt called to be, rather than to do. His command to love Him, being one of “being” in His love, His joy, His peace, rather than one of striving to “become” someone who is worthy of sitting in His lap of love, joy and peace.

As I watched my Mum dying, I was overcome by her just “being” and the peace that clothed her in that surrendering of being. In the Psalms it reads: “Be still and know that I am God.” Yet, in our world the mantra is do, so that you may become. In the doing, we can never slow enough to really “be”, to be still and behold the skies, to be still and soak in the sun, to be still and hear the birds sing, to be still and know that that which is, the joy of that fleeting moment that can’t be held tight was and is and is to come in Him who calls us to be and not to do. Even in the world of faith it takes practice to slow down to “be”. This is why I get up early and sit alone, why I run to be alone with my thoughts. It’s because when I slow to just “being” I can suddenly see, feel and taste that which I could not before. Alone in all the quietness of being still I am drawn to feel the brokenness I try to numb, my yearning to belong, my striving to do enough, be enough, say enough…and it is then I hear Him calling me to be still and know, to pull up on His lap and just be.

Think of the moments you have felt the most joy: is it in the doing, or the being? Is it in the actions or the receiving of the feelings when you surrender to it: is it the act of biking, or surrendering to the flow of your legs, the wind in your face, the adrenalin pumping through your veins. Is it in the pushing away in anger or the letting go in love?

Is it the running away, the numbing, the doing, or is it in the being, the sitting, the embracing? Watch young children and learn why God calls us to be His little children: to be still in wonderment, in excitement, in fully alive joy: just being who we are and not doing to become, to belong, when we are already accepted, loved, held…if only we were to fully surrender.

And in that surrendering the love we have grows manifold because in being still we hear His voice of love for us and for the world and our doing becomes more and more a being in love. When I went back to tell that man with the walker God loves him and tears streamed down his face as I spoke those words, I did so because in the quietness of listening, I heard God’s heart tug in love for the brokenness around me. And in being in God’s love, His love poured out from me, just as our girls’ hugs and kisses cover me and my husband in those moments they feel most loved, most safe, most accepted in our open arms…their love too overflows.

As long as we are here on this earth there’ll always be the pull to do and not be, but it is in those fleeting moments of being that He is calling us to the home in Him, to the place where being will be an eternal being of being held, embraced and loved just as we are. And in faith in God that grows and the doing slowly ebbs, until we are called to be in our home eternal, where no tears will flow and all heartache and suffering will be held together and made whole.


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