Come…Come Home.

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I read this Scripture and the word “Come” lingered. “Come” and I see Him beckoning, his hand waving in repeated downward motions, drawing me to Him.

“Leave it. Let it be. It’s not that I want. It’s you. Just you. Don’t you see. I am your life. Come to me, for it is me you come from. I know you. If you’ll just come sit with me, I’ll show you.”

“Look there you are, life being breathed into your tiny cells. See, you’re growing inside your mother’s womb. Look at her smile. I’ve been whispering secrets into her. She knows you’re going to be a girl. We’re calling you, Anna, light of grace, My Grace. Look at those tiny fingers, toes and dimples. I’m delighting in your presence. For you are so wonderfully made, my child. See, I’m singing songs over you as you sleep. Look at that cheeky smile. You loved to have fun, didn’t you? And you loved to play with your sister and best friends, didn’t you? Look at you singing to me! Oh how I delight to see you praising me. And see those dancing feet of yours? This is what I’ve made you for….can you feel it? Do you remember? The joy, the delight, the running, playing, jumping? I made her and I see her still.”

He presses His hand to my heart. “It’s you, my beloved, precious daughter. Just as you are. Be still. Do you see her? Do you feel her?”

“Let it go…it’s not what I’m after. Just you. Slow down and sit awhile.”

“Do you see the pink-lit sky? Do you remember the warmth you felt as you beheld it? Do you feel Me opening your heart to see?”

“Do you see her making you up? The little fingers tracing around your eyelids? Pressing make-believe lipstick to your lips? She wants you to see what I see.”

“Do you hear her asking you why you look so sad? She feels what I do..a tired soul longing to come home and sit awhile in My arms, just as you are. I don’t need the rest, just you. Come, my girl, rest your head on my shoulders.

“Let me remind you of the life I have breathed into you: the joy, the delight, the dance, the little girl – no fear, no pretense, no heavy load, just you. Come. It’s just Me. You and Me. Come. All of you. Come home.”


2 thoughts on “Come…Come Home.

  1. …that word spoke to me too… how often we ignore the invitation maybe because we think we have something more pressing? But to get away with Jesus and truly rest is the most important thing we could do. Beautiful words… Thank you ♥


    1. Much too often, Heather, much too often. Silly, isn’t it, how we “think” we have much more pressing business…but what could be more pressing than answering His “gentle and quiet whisper”?

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