They Left Their Nets

This post has been written for the #OneWordCoffee prompt:

This past week, I’ve felt God impressing upon my heart that if I want to follow His gentle whispers, calling me into Love, then I must leave my natural inclinations behind to receive His. So, when I read and reflected on this Scripture, rather than a word, I was left with the phrase “they left their nets”.

Last week, God encouraged me to “Come” to Him as His child, to feel safe to become the little girl in whom He deposited His deep joy. This week, nestled safely in His arms, He has gently been turning me to face my “nets”, so that He could show me the need to “leave” them behind to “follow” Him.

This week my “nets” have been my inclination to protect at all costs and to hold onto my pride in anger. He’s been showing me that using my own nets leaves me exhausted and miserable. And then into this exhausted, famished state, He fed me a diet of Matthew 6, to confront my heart with the truth of anger’s piercing arrow and our calling as children of God to love in grace.

At first my heart turned away in self-righteousness. But then He turned me to David’s story and reminded me that a harvest of righteousness is reaped in the breaking because it is in the breaking of ourselves He can enter and re-make us. He showed me that David was a “man after God’s own heart”, not because of his good deeds, but because of his surrender to God’s embrace of grace. However, to be embraced, we must leave our “nets” behind.

Turning me to David, he showed me that leaving our nets behind means expressing how we feel to God, however selfish these emotions sound, and then choosing to step back and look directly at our humanity with His eyes of Truth. And as I did so, as I beheld my selfish, entangling nets with renewed Eyes, His Eyes, I let go of the nets I was holding, to follow Him. In doing so I was gifted new nets: Love and Grace, not to ensnare, but to bless. And I was also gifted peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.


2 thoughts on “They Left Their Nets

  1. You have some great insight into what it means to leave our nets and follow him. I’ve always been captivated by that scripture and the challenge it represents to us. Blessings to you!


    1. Thanks, Betsy. God loves us (and those he wants us to shine His Light upon) too much to leave us standing there with our nets. Undeserved grace, that’s for sure.


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