Called to Lean

This post has been written for Bonnie Gray’s #OneWordLent prompt:

“But now, says the Lord, he who created you…who formed you:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name; you are mine.”
Isaiah 43:1


“I have called you, called you forward, called you to trust that I am paving the Way, called you to believe in my Power, in my promise to walk beside you, to shield you from behind and before. For My sheep hear My voice and follow me wherever I go and they do so together, side-by-side and I will never, ever leave or forsake them.”

Today’s Scripture prompt spoke to me immediately. The word “called” is something that God has impressed upon me a lot lately, reminding me that our greatest calling is to take His Love into the world. And He’s shown me that how we take that Love into the world is determined by the passions He has placed within us, the passions which lean us into Him, which drive us into our weakness, so that we might meet His incredible power.

For me, this passion is writing. He has “called me by name” to lean into His Truth: a Truth that has brought me to my knees in grief, but also into His beautiful, warm and safe embrace. It is a Truth that is calling me forward to share in vulnerability, what He has placed upon my heart. It is a Truth that is rooting me in Christ, in His Body and His adoption of me as a daughter of the most High King. It is a Truth that tells me my heart has been painfully tilled for a reason: that what was meant to harm me is being turned by God into something that will yet bring Life to many more than myself. A Truth that tells me to keep leaning forward, embraced by the strength of a Body too powerful to be overcome. To keep moving toward the quiet, gentle whisper reminding me that what He has called me into will be completed, for in the leaning, it is no longer me, but Christ moving forward. His actions of Love, Power and Life and not my own. So, no, there is no need to fear what God has called me by name for.

And so, I keep leaning and in the leaning discover the Power of His Name: how each and every weakness is covered and lifted up by a Body of unique and wondrous passions and talents, each person being moved in exactly where they’re needed and bless the most. And so, now my faith of a mustard seed is growing, as I watch it unfold and truly start believing Him at His Word.

Mother’s Day will see the publication of His Story, a story truly not my own. A Story of – Love Embraced: A Journey in and through Suffering. For the Way into the Truth has birthed a leaning into pain, grief and heartache, but also into incredible, powerful, awestriking, comforting, hope-giving and life-giving Love.

On Mother’s Day I will be self-publishing the book – Love Embraced: A Journey in and through Suffering, held up and strengthened by a team of beautiful friends and sisters in Christ. I never expected to get this far, but my Saviour who has called me and my friends by name did. And He knew, even when my mother lay dying, her body ravaged by the horrors of cancer, that her awful suffering would yet bring Glory to His Name.



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  1. Yes and amen… the fact that he calls us by name and for a specific purpose– that He KNOWS us always pulls my heart back in when it starts to feel cold. God has me looking for the treasure in every tribulation this week. Leaning in with you at Bonnie’s link up ♥


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