Love: Decide to Receive Him

This is the final blog post to end the March series To Love is to Live in Christ, a series reflecting on how we can receive Love (God), so that we might live and move and have our being in it. This post looks at “always perserveres. It never fails” from 1 Corinthians 13 and has been written for Kate Motoung’s #FiveMinuteFriday prompt response to: “decide”.


God’s timing for sure, this one. That the prompt for today would coincide with my final post for my March series and fit so well with what this series has opened my eyes to: God’s decision to shower His Love upon us and our decision to receive it, not just once, but again and again and again.

The final trait of love from 1 Corinthians 13 points out that it “always perserveres” and “never fails”. Why does it always perservere and never fail? I believe because Love is God and God is always faithful, through the good, the hard and even the seemingly unbearable.

This is why I love the book of Psalms. Almost every Psalm begins with sadness, anger, despair, frustration, yearning, fear – very real and present human emotions – and almost without fail ends in the character of Love: one or more of the traits I have reflected upon in this series. Why? Both because God decided to gift David His Spirit and because David decides to receive the gifts of this Spirit.

David is the only person to be called “a man after God’s heart” in the entire Bible. Perhaps this gives us some insight into receiving God’s blessings in and through the good, the hard and the harder: that we should seek after God’s heart. David does this by deciding to look for the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 27: 13). This is what leads Him to receive the gift of true perservance, again and again.

Is David perfect? No, in fact if anything David commits what some would say are the most heinous sins: adultery and even murder (though let us not forget how Jesus defines these two sins to cover mere thoughts!). But, what David does do, is choose to keep turning his desperately deceitful human heart toward God: whether to confess his sins or to seek refuge from a sinful world.

So, ultimately, to live and move and have our being in Love, in God, all we really do is decide to receive Him: from moment to moment to moment. And the beautiful thing about receiving Christ as our Lord and Saviour is that He has already decided to receive us: to complete a good work in us. He has decided to set us before the throne of heaven – holy, complete and whole in His Father’s sight (John 6: 35-40). So, where our emotions sway us from side to side, where despair and fear and hurt begin to root, He begins to till, uproot and then plant…helping us to keep seeking after, resting in and receiving His Love to the Glory and growth of His Kingdom.

And as if to remind me of this, I’ve seen Him take me through this process yet again this very week. From grief – to doubt – to anger – to release – to serving those in need, clothed in His deepening joy.

It was in His leading I poured out more and more of my heart, in His leading that I let go of what I was holding tight, not only through confessional prayer, but also through the gift of encouraging fellowship, and in His Leading that I was then able to choose to look for His goodness in this land of the living. And now I am yet again finding it in the opening of my eyes to see Him standing there right before me: in those He has called me to both serve and be blessed by in the serving.


9 thoughts on “Love: Decide to Receive Him

  1. Deciding to receive him works if I remember him, I’m working on just remembering him from moment to moment instead of leaning on my own understanding. I thank-you for the reminder that He has already decide to receive us,


    1. Oh yes, I recognize that human struggle all too well. Praying for us both to be slowed into His Presence, Gabriele: that He would slow us to lean in more and more into Him. He’s not about to let us go, that I know. God bless you today.


  2. Giving is receiving too. I like how you write that serving is also a way we receive the love and blessing God has for us. He designed us perfectly to both receive and give in community.


    1. It sure is, Lynn. Just today, I saw that in action again, as my husband and I felt incredibly blessed to help some people out in a little way, but that meant a lot to them. Something like that brings such joy!


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