Jesus through the Eyes of Children: A Review of Jennifer Moye’s A Gospel Christmas

Today, I’d like to share about a book I have been given the wonderful pleasure of helping to launch. It will be released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in soft-cover, hard-cover and e-book at the end of May. This post will be linked up to Carolina’s #OpenMicMonday:


Have you ever struggled to find a way to share the true gift of Christmas with your family? Have you wondered how you could let them share in the fun of Elf-on-the-Shelf, but without instilling fear in them, being overwhelmed by it all or overshadowing the true reason for the season? If so, then Jennifer Moye’s A Gospel Christmas is for you.

Day 2
Illustration for Day 2: Celebration in the Field, A Gospel Christmas

In a 25-day journey, Jennifer shows you how you can give yourself and your family the opportunity to savor Christ in the days leading up to Christmas. She shows you, through her own practical example, how you can use the Elf-on-the-Shelf tradition to retell the story of Jesus from birth to resurrection, giving your children the opportunity to hear, apply and understand the incredible gift of Christmas.

Jennifer uses simple arts and crafts, Moms and Dads can easily copy at home, and humorous placement and scenery for “Elfie” to visually reinforce the Scriptures she teaches each day. In following her experience with her two young boys, it is hard not to be excited and inspired to implement her practical example in your own home.

In retelling the life of Jesus to her children, Jennifer shares both of how she was impacted personally and how she watched her own and her children’s faith grow. Their journey leads them to practical gifts of service (putting together and personally delivering care packages for the needy), sharing Jesus’ Love with friends who do not know Him and also to a growing Love for and awestruck wonder for the power of God. As she watches her boys, she is “utterly overwhelm[ed]” by “the amazement in their eyes” and by “their faith”, reminding us why Jesus “tells us to have childlike faith” (Day 10).

Day 10
Illustration for Day 10: Walking on Water, A Gospel Christmas

Unlike many Christmas do-books, Jennifer’s is both practical and achievable. She shows you how you can improvise if you’re struggling for time to prepare, how there’s always grace for our failures and how your children will be able to encourage you with their blunt humor, compliments and excitement, when you’re struggling. One of the most touching examples is when her son responds to her disappointment in herself with: “But, Mommy, Jesus is here in our house with us all the time. That’s what you told me. And He’s in our hearts. So, He already sees our mess.” (Day 17).

If you would love to put more of Christ in your Christmas celebrations, but struggle to know how, then pick up a copy of Jennifer’s beautifully illustrated book. Let her equip you, encourage you, make you laugh and excite you with the wonderful gift of A Gospel Christmas, for “There is power in the name of Jesus.” (Day 25).

About the Author


Jennifer Moye writes from a place of transparency and with the heart of a mom passionate about God’s will for her family. Her candid sense of humor makes her writing easy and enjoyable to read. She speaks with an authentic style that will have you laughing with relatability yet challenged to step up to your next highest calling in your walk with God. Jennifer is wife to an Airman and mom to three rambunctious little boys. With excitement on a daily basis and grace around every corner, she believes we are meant to live this life in community with others and with the mercy to mess up and try again….and again. Being a mom is hard, but it is also one of the greatest callings we can have in this life. Her ministry to women is relevant and heartfelt with her core passion being that we learn to glorify our God in our parenting, our marriage, and in our everyday lives.
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