Love Embraced: Our Constant and Unchanging God (Guest Post: Kristina Notestine)

This is the third of six planned guest posts by blogging friends of mine on Love Embraced: A Journey in and through Suffering, a book I will be releasing on Mother’s Day (8 May 2016). Each of the guest bloggers reflect on one quote from #LoveEmbraced that spoke to them the most.

Today, Kristina Notestine joins us, a dear blogging friend and sister-in-Christ. Kristina is a wife, mother to one little girl and a regular blogger at Progressing through Grace. Her blog enables her to share her journey of progressing through life in God’s grace and Word to encourage and challenge both herself and her readers. You can connect with Kristina on Twitter @krisflick and Facebook at Progressing through Grace. Thank you, Kristina, for sharing your beautiful reflections with us today.


I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity to be a part of my first book launch team for Anna Smit, a dear and loving sister in Christ with an amazing testimony of God’s great love. Her book is called Love Embraced which will be released on Mother’s Day (May 8th) on I have been given the lovely pleasure to share what I have learned from her Scripture-packed book about her journey of discovering God’s love for her.

Recently in my life, I was told by a loved one that they didn’t think that I trusted them. It really hurt and kinda made me angry. I have done so many things for them and bent over backwards trying to please them and make them happy. But then a still small voice told me, “Kristina you are not made to please people. No matter what you try to do in your own selfish love, you can’t without God’s love.” It hit me hard and it has taken me on a journey of understanding what God’s love means for me.
In Anna’s book, she tells of a time when her pastor encourages the congregation to not allow our circumstances to dictate the way we live our lives. He in return stated that we need to look to God by “recognizing His Power to provide, comfort, give hope and protect us in the midst of any earthly situations we face.”
It is who God is in our lives that help us get through life and the uncomfortable situations that come our way. He is constant and always the same. We have to draw near to Him and His Word in order to know who He is. If we don’t we will continue in our own strength and fall every time.
Sometimes though, there are fears, anxieties and footholds in our lives that stop us from completely surrendering to God’s love. One of my biggest struggles I have is allowing other people’s emotions and moods to dictate how I feel. It then makes me feel paralyzed (maybe that’s too strong) or emotionally unstable. I get so wrapped up in what they are feeling that I am not able to minister to them the way I would want to in order to help them or come alongside them. But as a Christian that anxiety is a part of my old self. That need to please people is of the flesh. As Anna put it, “If I allow the lies rooted in my old identity to shape me, I effectively allow them to bind me from the grace upon grace upon grace that is being poured out within and around me. The more I allow God’s word to break the lies that speak to me of hate, rejection, and unworthiness, the more my new identity in Christ can take shape and cause my old identity to whither and die.”
I am a new creature in Christ and His Word is the grace that I need in order to overcome these thoughts to be able to love others the way I am designed to be. It is simply crying out to my loving Father telling Him that I need Him, telling Him that I no longer want to hold onto these thing. I want to impact my loved ones through His love in me. It is only Him and His love that can graciously give me the power to do anything He has purposed for me.
People will come and go and disappoint, but God’s love will always be there. I am excited to see how God will continue to work in my life during this time of releasing myself to who He is and His love. Anna put it nicely when she said:
Anna_s meme 17
Come walk alongside Anna on her journey in this Scripture-filled book, just as I have, and let it encourage and lead you in your own journey of finding and embracing God’s love.

Anna is releasing Love Embraced, a book about her journey in and through suffering into God’s mighty arms on May 8th (Mother’s Day: in honor of her Mum, who passed into heaven on April 8th 2014, and God’s shining Light in her). For more information about Love Embraced: A Journey in and through Suffering, head on over to her author’s Facebook Page. We are still looking for Launch Team Members. Interested in a free copy of the book in exchange for sharing the launch on social media? Leave a message behind here and I’ll be in touch.

Anna’s dear friend Emily Stephenson is also promoting the book with beautiful handmade jewelry, inspired by #LoveEmbraced. Below is an example of what you can find at The Wildflower Heart:

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9 thoughts on “Love Embraced: Our Constant and Unchanging God (Guest Post: Kristina Notestine)

  1. It is so true that we can’t please everyone! I know I still fall into the trap of wanting people to like me! We are designed to please the One who loves us dearly and He provides all that we need.


    1. It sure is easy to fall into that trap, Lynn. I still have my bad days too. You’re right that we’re designed to please the One who loves us dearly..just as Kristina shares so beautifully here.


  2. This is so encouraging, Kristina and Anna. I so easily fall back into people pleasing. I love the quotes. The one that particularly spoke to me is the one to stop trying to prove my worthiness. I really need that and to open my heart more to receiving love so I can more fully give love. Above all, to allow Christ to determine my identity. I am so forgetful that I need to be reminded daily of my identity in Him, not in those persistent recorded messages I heard in the past from people. Thank you, and blessings and hugs to both of you!


    1. Oh yes, Trudy…I need that daily reminder too: the filling up in His Love to pour it out again! Blessed to know that God used us as vessels to encourage you too. Blessings to you too!


  3. Kristina, thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections on such an important topic. Wow, I think I often let others’ thoughts and feelings dictate the way I feel too. We really do need a firmer grip on God and grace to live and to love embraced. Blessings on your new book, Anna. That is so exciting.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Betsy. I know it will encourage Kristina, as it has me, to read your comment. And yes, I know I too definitely need a firmer grip on God. Thank you for your kind words re the book.


    2. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading this. I like that, “we need a firmer grip on God and grace to live and to love embraced.” That needs to be my prayer. Thank you for the encouraging words


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