Love Embraced Released Today: Praise God!

Amazon has uploaded my book in record speed! It has released early … as I was biking amongst the tulip fields on Liberation Day (celebrating the liberation of the Netherlands from the occupying Nazi forces) and Ascension Day (celebrating the ascension of Jesus into heaven)!

Praise be to God of all heaven and earth. May He use it mightily to multiply His blessings in the lives of His beloved children.

And thank you to my amazing Book Launch Team for all your prayers, love, support, cover creation, memes, editing work and promotion. I couldn’t have done it without you.

It is available in the following formats:



Createspace Paperback

loved meme final
Fear, Grief, PTSD and The Embrace of Love

Not one of us is immune to suffering. So many of us have experienced loss, rejection, trauma and/or deep hurt. But often we decide to keep working, to keep going and to keep numbing that which we are terribly scared will break us into tiny little pieces. Love Embraced records the author’s own journey through such suffering, in:

– caring for her mother dying of cancer
– grieving her mother’s death
– her diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and
– working through repressed childhood memories.

But, it also reveals how in starting to face that which she was too frightened to face, she began to embrace and be embraced by a mighty God into:

– freedom
– hope,
– comfort,
– peace,
– strength and
– deep joy.