Cheering God’s Glory in Vessels of Clay

This post was written for Kate’s Five Minute Friday prompt: cheer


2 Corinthians 4: 7 (NASB)

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves;

From Tuesday next week, my dear friend Wendy (Widow’s Manna) and I will be cheering on God’s Glory in a special way. We will be launching a two-month blog series: Breaking Light: God’s Treasure in Vessels of Clay. It is a series we have felt God call us to, shape and lead.

Each week we will share stories from around the world of deep loss, hardship, broken bonds and crippling illness, but also of God growing a community and ministry of powerful love through the breaking. As we tell our own stories and those of friends and family who we are interviewing from around the world, we pray that above all else God’s Glory would shine.

We invite you to join us on Widow’s Manna and Joy of the Spirit Within this Tuesday for the release of Breaking Light. Come join us in cheering on the Love God is pouring out around the globe. And be encouraged in your own physical, emotional and/or psychological hard- for what was meant to harm you, WILL yet bring beautiful life in and through the powerful treasure of God you carry within you. We will also be offering an opportunity to win beautiful pieces of art and (soon-to-be released) books to bless you, every week of the series.

For Wendy’s heartfelt and moving explanation of God’s leading into this series, see: Blog Sharing- Breaking Light: Treasure in Clay Vessels.




23 thoughts on “Cheering God’s Glory in Vessels of Clay

    1. I was talking to Wendy about it last night, saying I hoped the prompt would be related somehow…God’s gift this one…as God is leading us to cheer on people to His Glory through the series.

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  1. Love, love, love! This is such a grand idea. I recently started reading my friend Renee’s book A Witness; the story of losing her first husband in the Haiti earthquake. Her witness is an incredible witness to the power of resurrection and new creation. I think those are the kind of stories your series will share? I’m over in the 7 spot this week.

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    1. That’s exactly the kind of stories we’ll be sharing Tara…and more. Your friend’s book sounds amazing! I got to yours first today, Tara. Left a comment earlier today…loved what you shared. Thanks for visiting here xx


    1. Thanks, Lynn. It was an idea planted that I shared with Wendy, asking if she’d like to help, and she was stunned because she’d had a very similar idea! Love the way God leads us and opens opportunities like this. I’m looking forward what God will teach us.

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    1. I am too: God is writing some amazing stories in the lives of these beautiful women. I look forward to sharing it with you together with Wendy, Trudy. Thanks for visiting!

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    1. The women who’ve agreed to be interviewed have some amazing stories to tell. Wendy and I are looking forward to sharing them too. We look forward to seeing you there, Rachel.


  2. Anna it sounds like a momentous series. Definitely cheering you and Wendy on! Hope stories shout out the darkness and pour light into every crevice of our lives. Also, do you know She’s in NL too. Anyway, I love making new friends around the globe! Do the Dutch have any phrases for Cheers?


    1. Thanks, Christina. No, I don’t know her! Will be checking her out, thanks!

      The Dutch say “proost”, but that’s more used in saying “cheers” with a drink in hand, not like us Kiwis who use “cheers” for a whole host of things.


  3. It was so wonderful and encouraging to read all these comments and your kind and beautiful responses. I am so privileged to be a part of this project and look forward to the light that we will discover, pouring out from these beautiful souls.


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