Our God is . . . (Day 31)


This is the final post of our Write 31 Days series. If you’ve missed a post or would like to re-read some, you can find each post on the landing page: 31 Days of Miracles.

In September, Debbie and Anna sat chatting, time zones apart, but in Spirit joined, as God led us to this beautiful series. As we prayed over our ideas and plans for 31 Days of Miracles, God both closed and opened doors, leading us to who He wanted to share and our writers to the stories He wanted told. We have watched Him recover beautiful memories, grow a vulnerable strength and deepen our trust in Him. What a blessing this month has been to stand in awe and be amazed at our God as He’s worked in and through each one of us, writers and readers alike.

He has revealed Himself as a God who sees us, knows us so intimately and never ever stops pursuing us. A God whose love is powerful, compassionate, tender, gracious, merciful, kind, empowering and an anchor through each and every storm and heart wrenching loss.


Thank you to each one of you who has linked hands with us to pray over and through this series. We have known our God’s Presence each step of the way and feel so privileged to have been entrusted each of the beautiful stories Jesus has written on His people’s hearts. We pray that our God will continue what He has begun here.

LORD we thank You for each and every one of our readers and writers. We thank You for the stories You have written and are continuing to write upon their hearts. LORD we thank You that You are our God who has knit each one of us in our mother’s womb, who is working each and every piece of brokenness within us into Your healing wholeness and whose plan is not to harm us, but to prosper us. We thank You that even now You are sending us out to bring Light and hope into the darkness.

We thank You for the privilege and honor of serving in Your Kingdom, for pouring out the love, joy, faith and hope You have sown within each one of us. May the words You have blessed us with continue to be a blessing to those around us, near and far. Send us and our stories, where You can set captives free, bind up their wounds and lead them in the path of righteousness, of life-giving truth. This we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

NOTE: The two graphics above include my answer to and answers some of our writers sent me in response to the question: Who is your God? Special thanks to Wendy L. Simpson (chriswendysimpson. wordpress.com) for the stunning artwork. And also a special thank you goes to each one of our contributing writers and faithful readers.



8 thoughts on “Our God is . . . (Day 31)

  1. Thank you Anna for sharing these beautiful stories of God’s Greatness! I have been so encouraged reading them this month! And, this is such beautiful artwork today also. May God continue to lead and bless you!


  2. Well done, Anna and Debbie, for putting this series together, and all the writers who shared. It has been great to read so many different testimonies of God at work and it has encouraged me a lot. I love Wendy’s artwork too.


  3. Thank you for sharing so many miracles of the beautiful love and grace of God, Anna. I was just checking the page where you have them all listed and noticed that when I click on some of them, I get an “Oops! That page cannot be found.” I love that you keep a page to list them all. Congratulations on completing the 31 days! I admire your commitment and perseverance! Blessings and hugs to you!


    1. Thank you so very much for the heads up. I’ve just fixed the links. And thanks for all your support, prayers and encouragement, Trudy, as well as your beautiful testimony of God’s powerful love and light.

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