Journeying Into God’s Love

For the Just Show Up blog post please see Love is A Home Like No Other

Jeremiah 31 : 3 (NIV)

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.


I started this blog to partake in the Write 31 Days challenge, but have decided to continue the journey of unwrapping the gift of love God has been planting into my heart, as my heart yearns to share of His Great and Perfect Love for us all.

For me, the journey into faith has been and continues to be a journey into God’s love. This journey into His Perfect Love is taking me into past and present pain and suffering, it is encouraging me to face crippling fears and it is slowly but surely breaking the idol of seeking people’s love and acceptance.

I would love to share part of this journey with you, to encourage you, as I ask God to give me the words to fully capture some of the many facets of His everlasting and unfailing love for us all. I pray that if you choose to read along that God will encourage you through His deep abiding Presence in my life to see and seek after Him, the Living Personal God who longs to both embrace us in His loving grace and fill us with awestruck wonder, every single day of our lives.

Isaiah 30: 18 (AMP)

Therefore the Lord waits [expectantly] and longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; Blessed (happy, fortunate) are all those who long for Him [since He will never fail them].

Join me on my journey below:

Day 1 Love is His Arms Wrapped Around You

Day 2 Love is a Blanket of Unfathomable Peace

Day 3 Love is Christ’s Gift of Atonement Turning Away God’s Wrath

Day 4 Love is a Home Like No Other

Day 5 Love is a Slowing into Wonderment and Joy in Thanksgiving 

Day 6 Love is the Encouragement to Face our Fears in Trust

Day 7 Love is a Gentle Shepherding into Truth 

Day 8 Love is the Peeling Back of Calloused Layers

Day 9 Love is Uprooting from Pride to Replant into Life

Day 10 Love is Drawing You into His Presence in Worship 

Day 11 Love is Building Up Your Trust in Him

Day 12 Love is Giving Your Grief and Deepest Fears a Voice

Day 13 Love is Birthing Life in Death 

Day 14 Love is His Presence Defeating the Shadow of Death

Day 15 Love is Unraveling and Breaking Bondage

Day 16 Love is Embracing You in Your Weakness 

Day 17 Love is Emboldening You to Become His Creation

Day 18 Love is Joy Lifting the Mourning

Day 19 Love is Holding All Things Together in Him  

Day 20 Love is Drawing You Out of Hiding

Day 21 Love is Immanuel: God with Us 

Day 22 Love is Enlarging Your Yearning 

Day 23 Love is Breaking You Open to Pour Himself In

Day 24 Love is the Safety to Voice Your Doubts

Day 25 Love is Prayer: An Invitation into His Heart

Day 26 Love is His Hand Upon Your Life

Day 27 Love is Him Leading You Home

Day 28 Love Writes Community 

Day 29 Love is a Slowing and Quietening of Your Soul

Day 30 Love Births Truth-Telling Rooted in Love

Day 31 Love Seeks After All of You

Love Ushers in Freedom Through Powerful Grace

The Power of His Love 

Loving Him Means Loving Yourself: His Creation

Weary of Human Voices: Five Minute Friday 

Loving God is Releasing in Trust 

The Darkness Has Not Overcome Our Light

Naming, Breaking, Releasing, Praising

Let Adversity Stimulate You to Creative Survival 

Dwell: Five Minute Friday 

Lessons from the Rich Man

Let the Hills of Desperation Speak of His Love

An Invitation to His Table 

Dear Grief: You are Welcome Here